April 19, 2019
4 months and 4 days left
until our reunion.
It’s hard to believe , however it’s true!! 50 years ago

In The Beautiful Land Of The Sky 
Is The School That We All Love The Best....wow how many of you can finish this without mistake!! 

We are trying to get ALL of our classmates INVOLVED and IN ATTENDANCE ( Ms Unger is taking record)...

We will be adding more to this site as we go along.

An  email blast will come shortly for you to go to this site ..please click on the “ classmates” page and setup your logins and the get started.

Also..please 1. Tell our classmates.  2. Update any contact information you may have ie. Email, address, phone for those that have info missing. You may contact Carol /Lewis Sommerville , Adele , or myself Jim Colburn.

A list from Mount Pisgah Academy should be attached to the blast which will help in the sleuthing exercise.
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